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    Our factory is manufacture specializing in stainless steel test weight and locates in Da Xin Dian Town, Peng Lai City that is called "fairyland". It has an area of more than 300 meter square and now possesses of over 20 technicians. It is a modern enterprise with strict control, high educational level workers, advanced technique and abundant test measures.

  The JF-1 type nonmagnetic stainless steel test weight we developed with Chinese Academy of Measuring Science and Ministry of Metallurgy supplies the domestic gap of E1 class, 8.00g/cm3, stainless steel test weight. Its general technical data are up to international advanced level and acquired National Science and Technology Award.

  Technical data of JF-1 type nonmagnetic stainless steel test weight is as follows:

  Density:8.00±0.02 g/cm3,
  Asperity: R≥0.2μm,
  Stability: ≥0.1mg to 1kg test weight within 15 months, meets E1, E2 class standard.

  This type of test weight was approved by the experts' authentication in Beijing on 20th,June 1991.

  Our dominant products is 1Gr18Ni9Ti austenitic stainless steel made standard weight with class of F1, F2, M1, M2. The specification is range 20kg-1mg of column form, disc, and annular. The unit is of kg, N and b1. We supply test weight and special weight for load cell firms and scale firms.

  Our products is selling well internal and abroad and our annual turnover is over one million Yuan and exports is more 20 thousand dollar.

  Welcome to visit our factory.


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